Chesapeake & Delaware Canal Bridge (Wilmington, DE)

This project comprised a high-level, cable-stayed bridge over the C&D Canal , the first of its kind in the Delaware valley area and also the first pre-cast concrete bridge to be built in the United States. The bridge consists of 2 carriageways, 138 feet over the water, including: reinforcing steel, 36 stay cables, a main span of 750 feet, 2 side spans of 375 feet, and 26 approach spans of 150 feet each. The structure is cable-stayed concrete segmental with 4 shoulder lanes. Approaches were constructed using the span-by-span system with overhead launching truss. The bridge incorporates many features not found on most other canal bridges: Fixed high-level crossing, a 100 feet (30 m) clearance, six travel lanes with the option of restriping to eight, pull-off emergency shoulders on both sides (under the striping arrangement left at the end of construction), 65-mph speed limit, and separate approach spans only joining at the anchorages of the cables. The project was recognized in 1995 with the DelDOT “Recognition of Excellent Performance in the area of Project Construction”, the 1996 ACI “Grand Prize Award for Concrete Bridges/Highways for Excellence in Concrete Design and Construction”, and the NQI “National Finalist for Quality Construction” awards.  The bridge carries Delaware Route 1 and has been named as The William V. Roth, Jr. Bridge.

Award: ACI - Grand Prize Award for Concrete Bridges/Highways for Excellent Pe
St. Georges, DE
Owner: State of Delaware DOT
Amount: $58,064,100
Delivery Method: Bid Build
Completion Date: 1-Nov-95